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UniMax 2000 CO2 Microspot Micromanipulator
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How It Works

This small spot micromanipulator produces a small spot that allows you to use less laser energy with more patient safety.

The mirror-based apparatus offers unique advantages in microsurgery. It delivers a small spot to tissue while maintaining excellent CO2 and HeNe beam coincidence.

The UniMax's 0.1-mm spot size allows lasers with lower power to achieve the same effect as higher-powered lasers.

  • Continuously assured beam coincidence of HeNe and CO2

  • 200 to 400 mm continuous zoom capability

  • Easily adapted to any laser and microscope

How It Works

Reliant Technologies' method and apparatus for transforming and steering laser beams is a profound innovation in laser delivery. The mirror-based UniMax 2000 MicroSpot ColorCorrected micromanipulator offers unique advantages in microsurgery.

With conventional lens-based infrared micromanipulators, the coincidence of the aiming and treatment beams on tissue is uncertain. This is due to the chromatic aberration inherent in transmissive optical systems. The UniMax 2000's reflective optics always deliver parfocal spot congruence of the treatment and aiming beams. Also, the UniMax 2000 can be used at working distances from 200 to 400mm with no additional optics and with no significant increase in spot size. (Conventional micromanipulators require fixed focal length optics for each working distance and produce relatively large spot sizes across the same range.)

Conventional laser micromanipulators use multiple crystalline lenses to focus both the aiming and the treatment laser beams. These lens-based systems allow beam concentricity and small (but not necessarily exact) spot size coincidence. This means that HeNe and Co2 do not focus on the same point.

The unique Unimax design achieves focus of the HeNe and the CO2 at the same spot.





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